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Metrodroid (and FareBot) with Kartu Multi Trip support

Debug build for FareBot. Also adding KMT support for another branch of FareBot (which is more stable) called Metrodroid. Since FareBot is unmaintained by its owner, we encourage you to use Metrodroid.

Status Download Description
Travis CI build status Metrodroid (417 downloads) Metrodroid, another fork of FareBot with many enhancement and bugs fixed. Play Store release also available here.
Travis CI build status FareBot (310 downloads) Original FareBot, with support KMT cards. Currently there is no schedule on Play Store release.

Help us to add more information on station names, or fixing wrong station data by sending us your KMT’s card data.

Metrodroid Features:

  1. Reading last card balance
  2. Reading last (15) transactions of the card
  3. Display station name
  4. Display number of transactions