NCPCOM Commander

NCPCOM Commander is a Win32 GUI based telnet program that will simplify the work under XPNET’s NCPCOM/TACL prompt. The idea is pull out all the command automatically driven by visual action.

This utility will interpret every basic NCPCOM command into graphical-event-driven-interface to simplify the users to work with NCPCOM.


NCPCOM Commander will enable you to view all environments available in the system. Double-click on the environment name to logon, and make sure your TACL user is privilleged to logon into selected environment.


NCPCOM Commander will ease you todo STOP/START a line and station. Even more you can also able to DELIVER Sign-on, Sign-Off and Warmboot to a process node.


This application need you to provide activation code upon first execution.

NCPCOM Commander (899 downloads)
NCPCOM Commander User Manual (1195 downloads)