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MySQL User-Defined Function: ISO 8583 Decoder

This is experimental project to optimize MySQL based ISO-8583 Banking Back Office database processing. The traditional way ISO-8583 related function (read specific Data Element, compare one or more Data Element) is handled by the application which access MySQL database.

This approach often resulting high processing time, since the data is pulled out from the database first to enable the application (the client) to decode ISO-8583 message.

Using this UDF (user defined function) will enable ISO-8583 message stream processing directly in the database. This will allow you optimize processing time for retrieving specific data.

MySQL User-Defined Function: ISO 8583 Decoder (834 downloads)

TAL User Defined Language for Notepad++

Updated:┬áVersion 1.1 – enabled folding on BEGIN and END, line commenting fix.

Coding in TAL has been much easier using the new technology available in these days. Notepad++ is one of many text editors that provide a syntax hilight to make easier programmer to do coding.

TAL UDL Notepad++

Using this user defined language, will allow Notepad++ to do syntax hilighting on your TAL sourcecode.


  1. Make sure you are using the latest Notepad++ version, and already downloaded the TAL UDL
  2. Run Notepad++
  3. Select Define your language from Language menu
  4. User Defined Language dialog box will appear
  5. Click Import button, an select downloaded TAL UDL (Unzip first)
  6. Restart your Notepad++


  1. Open your TAL source code
  2. Select TAL from Language menu


TAL Language Definition for Notepad++ (2420 downloads)