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Metrodroid (and FareBot) with Kartu Multi Trip support

Debug build for FareBot. Also adding KMT support for another branch of FareBot (which is more stable) called Metrodroid. Since FareBot is unmaintained by its owner, we encourage you to use Metrodroid.

Status Download Description
Travis CI build status Metrodroid (415 downloads) Metrodroid, another fork of FareBot with many enhancement and bugs fixed. Play Store release also available here.
Travis CI build status FareBot (308 downloads) Original FareBot, with support KMT cards. Currently there is no schedule on Play Store release.

Help us to add more information on station names, or fixing wrong station data by sending us your KMT’s card data.

Metrodroid Features:

  1. Reading last card balance
  2. Reading last (15) transactions of the card
  3. Display station name
  4. Display number of transactions

Android APDU Raw Tester

This application will help you to sends raw APDU command to any contactless card supporting ISO-14443 using your NFC-enabled mobile device. This tool is suitable for programmer to test their NFC application.

– Text input enable to customized any APDU command
– Multiple command support (each lines will interpreted as separated APDU command)
– Simple log; enable to copy and paste into another tools to get more detailed analysis
– Data log formatting
– Its free!!

Download: APDU Debug

TCP/IP Packet Tester

Having trouble to test your network application? this utility will help you to send a RAW data  to any TCP/IP port, and see the response.


The application support ASCII string stream input also ASCII-HEX input (without space). In addition also enable automatically adding length header (support: 2 bytes include, 2 bytes exclude)  before sending to specific port.

Activation Key needed to run this application properly. Mail me to get an activation key.

TCP/IP Packet Tester (971 downloads)

MySQL User-Defined Function: ISO 8583 Decoder

This is experimental project to optimize MySQL based ISO-8583 Banking Back Office database processing. The traditional way ISO-8583 related function (read specific Data Element, compare one or more Data Element) is handled by the application which access MySQL database.

This approach often resulting high processing time, since the data is pulled out from the database first to enable the application (the client) to decode ISO-8583 message.

Using this UDF (user defined function) will enable ISO-8583 message stream processing directly in the database. This will allow you optimize processing time for retrieving specific data.

MySQL User-Defined Function: ISO 8583 Decoder (959 downloads)

TAL User Defined Language for Notepad++

Updated: Version 1.1 – enabled folding on BEGIN and END, line commenting fix.

Coding in TAL has been much easier using the new technology available in these days. Notepad++ is one of many text editors that provide a syntax hilight to make easier programmer to do coding.

TAL UDL Notepad++

Using this user defined language, will allow Notepad++ to do syntax hilighting on your TAL sourcecode.


  1. Make sure you are using the latest Notepad++ version, and already downloaded the TAL UDL
  2. Run Notepad++
  3. Select Define your language from Language menu
  4. User Defined Language dialog box will appear
  5. Click Import button, an select downloaded TAL UDL (Unzip first)
  6. Restart your Notepad++


  1. Open your TAL source code
  2. Select TAL from Language menu


TAL Language Definition for Notepad++ (2739 downloads)

NCPCOM Commander

NCPCOM Commander is a Win32 GUI based telnet program that will simplify the work under XPNET’s NCPCOM/TACL prompt. The idea is pull out all the command automatically driven by visual action.

This utility will interpret every basic NCPCOM command into graphical-event-driven-interface to simplify the users to work with NCPCOM.


NCPCOM Commander will enable you to view all environments available in the system. Double-click on the environment name to logon, and make sure your TACL user is privilleged to logon into selected environment.


NCPCOM Commander will ease you todo STOP/START a line and station. Even more you can also able to DELIVER Sign-on, Sign-Off and Warmboot to a process node.


This application need you to provide activation code upon first execution.

NCPCOM Commander (1152 downloads)
NCPCOM Commander User Manual (1342 downloads)

Tandem Unpak GUI

Tandem Unpak GUI is graphical front-end for Java version of Tandem Unpak utility provided by Kari Kujansuu.

This is a Java application that can extract files from a Guardian PAK archive. PAK archival tools is widely used in NonStop (official HP product since Guardian G06.16) environment to do file transfer or backup a data. With this utility you can manage your PAK archive just like ZIP files, even more you can drag PAK files directly to the UI to open the PAK file.

Taking advantage of Java multiplatform makes this utility runs in any OS where Java is supported.

Tandem UNPAK GUI (1265 downloads)

Diebold Decoder

Diebold Decoder is a small utility to decode Diebold DDC messages and extract the information from the DDC messages into readable form. For example, you can read Track-2 data, PIN buffer, Operation Key Buffer (opcode).


Diebold Decoder supports string mode, ascii-hex mode and Base24 NETADRD as an input.

Diebold Decoder (1300 downloads)